How Shop24 buys companies and brands

Reasons to sell your business:

  • Your business has stopped growing
  • You need to invest more and more
  • Competition in your category is growing
  • You are tired of operational management of the company
  • You have no strategy for further growth

We buy brands that have the potential to become a leader in their category on the marketplace

We are ready to cooperate with companies with annual revenue (GMV) from 1 million USD.


We will buy your brand in 6 steps

Step 1

Knowing each other. Phone call


We will discuss the structure of your business, your preferences and other details of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Step 2

Signing a confidentiality agreement


When both parties are ready to continue interacting, we will sign a confidentiality agreement to study your company’s operational and financial performance. This Agreement guarantees you the confidentiality and safety of your data before third parties. It also guarantees that we will not use the data received to build a competing business.

Step 3

Business evaluation and performance analysis of the company


We will need to get operational financial indicators from you for the last 12 months to make a decision on the deal.

Step 4



Based on the analysis, we will prepare a letter of intent, which will set out:

  • Estimated/Purchase price
  • Payment terms
  • Schedule of transaction preparation
  • Further actions

Step 5

Preparation of the contract


After our offer is accepted, we will start preparing a sales contract that formalizes the terms of purchase of your business.

Step 6

Final stage


Closing a deal is the process of signing sales contracts with the transfer of funds to your bank account.

Shop24 approach allows purchasing your company within a few months from the initial contact to the closing of the deal.

We acquire 100% of your business, but we are ready to discuss other options of the deal. We will do anything to make you happy:


Tell us about your company and we will contact you!